I’m a wife & mom of 4 beautiful girls. I call them my Woodlings. I have two beautiful boys that have become our guardian angels.

I have always loved the creative side of my brain. There are always ideas jumping up and down inside my noggin. Now I get to express those ideas through my photography. Sometimes these ideas work and sometimes they don’t.  Isn’t that how life is? We develop from the negatives.

When I graduated from High School I picked up photography and decided that  was going to be my career. Instead, God had other things in store for me and I ended up on the mission field & ministry. Many years later, after going to several countries, getting married, and having children, my life has come back to what I loved doing when I was young … “Taking Pictures”.


Why Do I believe Taking Photographs of the ones you love is so important…

In your journey of life there are so many moments that happen … your becoming of age, engagement, marriage, starting a family, birth of a child, watching your children grow up, and many events that you experienced.

Your milestones and growth are locked away in your memory but when you capture them in photographs you have the ability to take others to that time and place visually.  It is a blessing to reflect over a photo and tell the story of what life was like at that time.  Your story can then be past down through generations with a photograph.

My passion in life is capturing moments, life stories, not just images, through the lens of my camera. I see the dynamics of love, a rainbow of personalities, expressions and sentiments that brighten each picture with uniqueness and beauty! It brings me great joy to be a part of seeing and capturing these qualities for you and loved ones to cherish.



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